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Funny Texas Lawyer Commecial

Jim Hammer is 'The Texas Screwdriver' and will get you justice. Local commercials are always fun, but this guy just…

Jon Stewart Post 9/11/2001 Speech

Like Jon Stewart admits, every show after 9/11 gave a speech before starting. Here is Jon Stewart's speech the day…

Japanese Man In Pink Rubber Stretchy Ball

This old viral video just resurfaced again. This is so strange, I don't even know what to say. This Japanese…

Classic Epic 1980’s Wendy’s Training Video

This is a classic video from 1989. This is Bill's first day working at Wendy's and he is lucky to…

Crazy Priest ‘Heals’ By Smacking Ill With Jesus Jacket

In this classic video, Benny Hinn swings and smacks sick people with his spirit jacket. Some how people believe that…

Dog Trainer Puts Puppies To Sleep With Lulaby

Classic video of a man putting puppies to bed. Let's see the dog whisperer do this. This dog master just…



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