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Classic Soundtrack For Eating Currwurst By The Berlin Orchestra

Director Boris Seewald put together ten delightful videos for the Konzerthaus Berlin. With #klangberlins you get to see typical things


Pro-Hillary String Quartet Parodies ‘Stacy’s Mom’ As ‘Chelsea’s Mom’

It's only the summer of 2015, but political pendents and passionate voters are already getting ready for the 2016 presidential


Jackson 5 And Bach Mash Up Is Pure Funk

The musical masters of The Piano Guys are naturally fans of the classical work of Bach. But they also love the modern


Ballet Dancers Dance To Classical Music In NYC Subway

It's not uncommon to find professional musicians performing in the New York City subway stations as you travel the Big


Guy Performs Hilarious Choreographed Dance To Mozart

Around the world, Mozart is considered one of the most iconic and prestigious forms of classical music. But this is


Classical Orchestra Eats World’s Hottest Chili Pepper

There are countless videos online of people tasting super hot chili peppers and trying to withstand the burn. But the


One Man Duet Sings ‘Nessun Dorma’ As Freddie Mercury And Luciano Pavarotti

Canadian singer Marc Martel is known for his impressive Queen impersonations. In this special performance, Marc sings the classic opera song Nessun


‘William Tell Overture’ Covered On Wine Bottles

Most people don't know the title William Tell Overture, but instantly recognize the Gioachino Rossini classical piece after hearing just the first


Classical Music Quartet Put On Funny And Outlandish Performance

This video by German music quartet Salut Salon has only gone viral now with over 375,000 hits! The four women seem to


Random New Yorkers Conduct Orchestra In Manhattan Square Social Experiment

For their latest social experiment, the popular pranksters and improv artists at Improv Everywhere set up a classical Carnegie Hall orchestra in


Inspector Gadget Theme And Hall Of The Mountain King

YouTuber foundring noticed the theme music for the Inspector Gadget cartoon sounded so similar to the classic piece In the Hall of the


RC Airplane Flown Indoors To Classical Music

This video was posted a month ago, but has only now experienced a viral surge of viewership. RC model airplane enthusiast Mark Barnes not only