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26 November, 2020



Cute Kids Sing Pop Songs To The Tune Of Classical Music

The musical video experiment artists at CDZA asked a very important question. How do we get our kids interested in classical music…

Different Cell Phone Company Ringtones Orchestra Medley

The Experimental music video creators at CDZA are back with another creative, out of this world music video. Appropriately titled NYC Phoneharmonic, they…

Pachelbel’s Canon In D Remix On Four Cellos

Pachebel's Canon in D is one of the world's most famous pieces of classic music, and a favorite for weddings.…

Classic Sheet Music Roller Coaster Animation

This video by Virtual Republic was made a year ago, but just had a second viral surge recently. The computer special effects…

Violinist Copies Cell Phone That Rings During Concert

This video is from the past summer, but only went viral now, amassing 600,00 views in just the past week.…



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