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Classical Orchestra Eats World’s Hottest Chili Pepper

There are countless videos online of people tasting super hot chili peppers and trying to withstand the burn. But the


Random New Yorkers Conduct Orchestra In Manhattan Square Social Experiment

For their latest social experiment, the popular pranksters and improv artists at Improv Everywhere set up a classical Carnegie Hall orchestra in


Justin Bieber’s ‘Beauty And A Beat’ Covered In Classical Baroque Style

BBC Radio3 has seemingly delivered the impossible. They has published a cover of Justin Bieber's ultra-hit single Beauty And A Beat that actually


Classical Cover Of David Guetta’s Titanium

For their latest collaborated pop music cover, The Piano Guys chose David Guetta's ultra popular hit single Titanium. They took their classical music


Copenhagen Philharmonic Surprise Flash Performance On Subway Train

A lucky few passengers of Copenhagen's metro system were blessed with a surprise classical performance on their train ride. In the middle of a


Vivaldi Accordion – Classic Music Presto Played On Accordion

The song is Presto out of the Summer composed by Vivaldi. Those other accordion clowns have got nothing on this