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News Report On Cleveland’s Superpimp Is Outrageous

This outrageous 'news' report by reporter Jason Handman for Cleveland's Action New 19 was posted in May, but has just resurfaced online. …

Dear The Cleveland Browns – Funny Fan Letter About Season Tickets

Mike Polk Junior is a big Cleveland Browns fan, but when he received his latest bill for season tickets this year, he thought…

Fox 8 Cleveland Make Their Very Own Christmas Parody Of LMFAO Party Rock Anthem

Cleveland, Ohio's Fox 8 producer Jennifer Charlton was trying to think of a way to get into the Christmas spirit when she had…

Sports Reporter Woman Doesn’t Like Stadium Food

Heidi Watney visited Cleveland stadium and tried to give a fluff piece on some of the food. She's offered chicken and waffles,…

ESPN High Five Over Eric Mangini Being Fired

This just in: Eric Mangini of the Cleveland Browns was fired. Straight forward news story. But then Hannah Storm and…



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