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You’re A Bunch Of Clowns

Don't come to me when it all comes crashing down again.

hey there wanna buy some nightmares?

Terrifying Clown Prank Part 2

The first evil clown prank went viral a month ago, and stands with over 14 million views. After such a…

Sad Clown Covers ‘Chandelier’ By Sia

It seems Chandelier by Sia has become the Internet's newest obsession. Of all songs to cover, no other is more fitting…

Evil Clown Scare Prank Is Terrifying

Most people are already terrified of clowns. There's just something so creepy about all that makeup and that permanent smile.…

Sad Clown Covers ‘Team’ By Lorde

The last time Puddles the sad clown covered Lorde with Scott Bradlee and The Postmodern Jukebox they went viral with nearly 6 million views. …

Sad Clown Covers ‘Royals’ By Lorde

Musician Scott Bradlee is the head of The Postmodern Jukebox, and is well known on YouTube for delivering one-of-a-kind pop music covers. When they…

World Record Clown Collection

After recovering from alcoholism, Ortrud Kastaun began collecting clowns as a form of therapy. That was fifteen years ago, and…


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