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Casually Explained: Animated Guide To Clubbing

Clubbing - this evil genius hell-fun thing that everyone love and hates, depending on the time you ask them. Casually


Clubbing Is Lame

Television, movies, and rap music have romanticized the concept of going to the dance club. But the truth is, the


Different Types Of Girl Dancers At The Club

This humorous dance video by Singapore blogger Celeste Chen has recently gone viral again after surfacing on popular blogs, such as DailyPicks,


DJ Fakes Mixing Music As Equipment Isn’t Even Plugged In

Miguel Angel Arellano Salazar posted this video a year ago, but it has only gone viral now, amassing over 900,000 views


Playing Club Songs On Acoustic Guitar For Girls In Public Prank

NSFW Warning - language content Last November, Dan Henig went viral performing Lil Jon's crude and rude club hit single Get Low


How To Dance In The Club

How-to specialist jemdahunk has officially gone viral with his ten day old How To Dance In The Club tutorial. With over 1.1 million views,  shows


Rock Band Takes Club Concert To The Street

The heavy metal band  was performing a rocking concert in Singapore in a tiny packed club. Things got so heavy, the guitarists took to


Norway Club Song Rap About Female Anatomy

NSFW - Content Rap and club songs are usually about hitting the club, getting a few drinks, and picking up


Julian Assange Dancing In Club

Could this amazing dancer really be the famous Wiki founder, Julian Assange? The video uploader claims that it is! Whoever