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Pokemon Interrupts State Department Briefing

If there was ever a situation where you should stop and pay attention and put your phone down, it's when you're


CNN Spoofs ‘Too Many Cooks’ With Election 2016 Politicians

Too Many Cooks is the outrageous viral video by Adult Swim that parodies 1980's and 90's sitcom introductions. The fake intro just


Conan Makes Spoof CNN Report In Cuba

Conan's special in Cuba has been a great success. While on top of a Havana roof top, Conan started to


Joan Rivers Storms Out Of CNN Interview

Comedian Joan Rivers is famous for her abrupt, in your face attitude. If Joan has something to say, she'll say it.


Anderson Cooper Tries A Schizophrenia Simulator

Schizophrenia used to be a mental disease that confused and baffled doctors. Before modern medicine, many thought that those suffering


Dune Buggy That Can Fly Is Awesome

This CNNMoney report on the SkyRunner is three months old, but has only gone viral now with over 1.7 million new views just


Family Of Ducks Tries To Cross Busy Highway

This adorably intense CNN video was published online nearly three months ago, but is has started to trend again over


Town Hall Presidential Debate Songified Auto Tune Remix

The Gregory Brother stayed up all night 'songifying' the oral duels of the first presidential debate and the vice-presidential debate, Naturally, the remixes went viral. As


CNN Host Carol Costello To Bill Nye: “You’re The Kooky Guy Who Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About.”

CNN is already considered a joke by most of the Internet, but now they have really pushed net-nerds' buttons even further.


Anderson Cooper Gets The Giggles During RidicuList Dyngus Day Report

Anderson Cooper is one of CNN's most popular hosts for his honest, serious journalism, and for his fun, youthful flip


Anderson Cooper Interview Religious Teen Exorcists

CNN's Anderson Cooper has been having a tough time getting better ratings for his new show Anderson, and segments like this


Dog Works As Crossing Guard

With all the horrible, dark news that erupts daily, it's no wonder the media always makes sure to throw in