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Glowing 1000 Degree Knife vs Lighter & Coke

These videos are as hot as the knife Mr Gear uses to cut things in half. The video with the


Mountain Dew Rots Your Teeth More Than Coca-Cola

For years, Coca Cola has had a bad name as a sugary drink responsible for weight gain and even bad


Swimming In Giant 1,500 Gallon Coca-Cola Swimming Pool

After apparently running out of ideas for a new video, TechRax decided to spend days and days with a buddy buying countless bottles


What Happens When You Mix Coke And Bleach Is Surprising

Everyone knows that the strongest product in the cleaning aisle is bleach. It can kill nearly any stain, and ruin your favorite


Wrapper On Coke Bottle Becomes Instant Christmas Bow

Many believe it was the Coca-Cola company that popularized that idea that Santa Claus is a fat old man with


Coca Cola Hair Rinse Is Super Weird

Coca Cola might be the most famous and accessible beverage in the world next to water. Interestingly enough, fashionista Ellko has found


Coca Cola And Propane Makes Sweet Bottle Rocket

Coca Cola has been a favorite for homemade experiments for ages. Ukrainian DIY nerds Kreosan demonstrate how to make a sweet


Pouring Coke Onto Molten Lead Has Gorgeous Results

The Internet was grossed out a year ago when they saw what happens when you boil Coca Cola. That video has


Coca Cola And Milk Experiment Is Shocking

Most people know that drinking sugary drinks aren't good for you. But this year old video by Maricv 84 is inspiring people even


Coke Used To Clean A Dirty Toilet

Everyone knows that drinking Coca-Cola isn't good for you, but most of us drink the delicious fizzy sugar drink anyways. Perhaps this


Mexican Coke Vs American Coke

Serious Coke drinkers know that what they are drinking isn't the 'real' thing. Back in the 1980's, Coca-Cola substituted cane


Different Ways To Recycle A Coca-Cola Bottle

Plastic bottles are very convenient, but they have become a serious problem for Mother Nature. To help combat plastic bottle