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Cockatoo Dances To Phoenix By Daft Punk

It's not secret the Internet loves watching birds dance to popular music. Frosty is one of those original birds famous…

Parrot Cockatoo Sings Gangnam Style

This viral video by The2apex¬†was posted in the summer, but has started to trend again now, garnering over 250,000 views…

Cockatiel Sings Addams Family Theme

This little Pikachu bird, better known as a cockatiel by normal people, is a big fan of The Adams Family.…

Cockatiel Sings Super Mario Theme

There's something extra special when your pet cockatiel learns a man made song. It's even better when the song is…

Bird Runs Around Cup Of Coffee

This video from 2006 has just only now went viral, and is shared on Neatorama.¬†Aussie is an adorable cockatiel who…



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