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Smart Cockatoo Makes Tools To Get Food

I, for one, welcome our new bird overlords. No, of course not, but it is pretty striking to me, what…

Cockatoo Has Cutest Reaction After Trying Vinegar

This woman loves the healthy snack of sliced veggies dipped in vinegar. After being begged by her cockatoo Gotcha to finally try some…

Excited Cockatoo Running Around And Yelling Like Crazy

This is one crazy, hyperactive birdie. This silly video by Katie Vannoy of Gotcha the Moluccan Cockatoo running around on the…

Cockatoo Feeds Dog Treats

Pet owner Rrry1950 has one less chore in the house. Now, they no longer have to give their Great Danes treats. Instead,…

Cockatoo Dances To Phoenix By Daft Punk

It's not secret the Internet loves watching birds dance to popular music. Frosty is one of those original birds famous…



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