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Incredible Coffee Shop With No Employees

The Vault coffee shop is like every other coffee shop around the country. They serve coffee, tea, and delicious baked


Coffee Expert Reviews Cheap Coffees

When BuzzFeed discovers something that works, they don't just let it go. So after posting successful viral videos of experts tasting wine


Kids Taste Coffee For The First Time

Every kid wants to drink coffee to feel grow up. There's just something so cool and grown up about drinking


Coffee Shops In LA Are Hell

Entering any coffee shop is like walking into an alternate reality. But coffee shops in Los Angeles are a very


Espresso Shot Extraction In Slow Motion Will Mesmerize You

Millions of us order espressos everyday, but few of us actually make the caffeine packed drink ourselves. Which is too


Creamer Poured Into Coffee In Super Slow Motion

Ordinary, everyday things can be beautiful if looked at in a different perspective.  Pouring creamer into coffee may not seem


Witch Uses Telekinetic Powers At Coffee Shop Prank

In this day and age, viewers are no longer interested in a simple movie trailer or commercial.  So to promote


27 Drinks Made From Coffee

Who isn't addicted to their morning coffee? And their afternoon coffee and evening coffee? But these days, there's more than


What’s Inside An Average Cup of Coffee

Millions of Americans start their day with a steaming cup of Joe, but have you ever wondered what exactly you


Making Music While Making Coffee Commercial

British coffee company Sanremo just published this very unique commercial. In a big factory a crew of workers makes music while building


YouTuber Orders World’s Most Expensive Starbucks Drink

The world's most famous coffee shop, Starbucks, is constantly raked over the coals for their outrageous prices. But millions of


Lil Jon’s Get Low Acoustic Cover At Coffee Shop

NSFW Warning - Language Remember the 2003 mega hit single Get Low by Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz?