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Coffee And Million Dollars

Starbucks Ski-Thru

Skiing can be tiring, cold fun, and there's really nothing better to warm and recharge than a hot cup of…


Awesome coffee art


Squirrels and Coffee


Coffee Level Asian

LA Morning News Harass New Intern Over Coffee On The Air

KTLA 5 in Los Angeles had a little fun with their new intern, Irene. Throughout their morning news broadcast they…

5 Year Olds Make Espresso

Most five year olds can barely tie their own shoes or properly brush their teeth, but these two have such…

Anderson Cooper Tries Coffee, Spinach For First Time

Anderson Cooper is the famous CNN host of the hit news show AC360. More and more TV personalities are diversifying…

Vintage Sexist Coffee Commercials Super Cut

Back in the 50's and 60's, women were still 'in their place'. What place was that? Why, at home, cooking,…

Soldiers Make Coffee In Afghanistan

A three some of soldiers in Afghanistan show us how they make coffee in the desert. After getting so much…

Al Pacino Vittoria Coffee Commercial

Coffee commercial with Al Pacino For Vittoria Coffee.



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