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Colin Furze Built A Giant Star Wars AT-AT In His Garden

Wow! This thing is epic - in proportions and amount of children's wet dreams. UK DIY mastermind and crazy YouTuber


Epic Paint Super Soaker Battle

YouTuber Mark Rober modified some Super Soakers and filled a room with paint - with a little help of Colin


Colin Furzes Makes A Motorised Go Cart With Simple Tools

Sadly, this is just a first part of a series, but this already got over 600.000 views, without even to


Iventor Builds Giant Homemade 360 Swing In His Backyard

This kind of ride is one that you only find at the big state fairs that are enjoyed all summer long.


Ultimate Door Bell Invention

Door bells have been around for years. And they haven't changed for about that long. After missing one too many


Crazy Guy Builds 5000 Fireworks Deathstar

Now that summer is finally in full swin it's time for pool parties, BBQ's, and of course fire works! To celebrate


Flamethrower Guitar

No rock show is complete without pyrotechnics on stage. The music, the exploding fire, the moshing, it's pure rock and


British Inventor Creates Homemade Hoverbike

OK, so we're passed 2015 and we still don't have a true hoverboard, but at least we're getting closer. Crazy British


Thermite Launcher Is Explosively Fun

Crazy British inventor Colin Furze is back with another outrageous, and questionable, invention. This time, he merged a rocket launcher and flame thrower


Firework Rocket Launcher

Ever thought that there wasn't enough firepower in fireworks? Inventor Colin Furze thought just that so he merged his fireworks with a


Motorised Drifting Trike Is Awesome

Crazy inventor Colin Furze is back with another one of his awesome inventions. This time, he put a powerful engine on the


British Inventor Builds Underground Bunker In His Backyard

What guy hasn't dreamed of building a sweet underground bunker underneath their house. When the world comes to an end,