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Wisconsin Basketball Player Lets Out An Embarrassing Whisper At Press Conference

Wisconsin college basketball player Nigel Hayes thought he would have a little fun with the NCAA stenographer during a press conference,


College Student Scores Four Shots, Wins $10,000

One lucky college kid from Bryan College scored four of the most important basketball shots of his life. He was


Local News Hilariously Recreates NCAA Highlights

Only CBS stations are allowed to show official March Madness highlights and clips.  So what did WCJB TV-20 of Gainesville, Florida do?


Tyler Inman Blows The Crowd Away At Slam Dunk Contest

Haven't heard of ? You're missing out. The 6'5'' senior at Southwestern Christian University is an up and coming basketball star. He


Fan Sinks 95-Foot Putt To Win $15,000 Towards A New Car

Who knew all that putt-putt mini-golf practice would pay off? ESPN reports that Patrick Burch sunk a 95 foot putt during the Auburn-Mississippi


Creighton Bluejays Score Nine Three-Pointers In A Row

The Creighton Bluejays got off to a vicious start while playing Villanova. The team scored nine three-pointers in a row in the first


Taylor University Silent Night Tradition 2013

Taylor University has a fun tradition on the Friday before exams during their Division III basketball game.  The entire crowd stays


Michigan State Students Trick Columbia Players With Late Shot Clock Count Down

Michigan State student fooled Columbia basketball players twice during Friday night's game. Fans often chant the clock countdown out loud, but


Insane Dunk Head Over The Rim

This short college basketball clip published by Hoopmixtape Blog has instantly gone viral!  Sophomore Javonte Douglas of the University of Central


James Young Saves Ball From Out Of Bounds, Accidentally Scores Basket For Opposing Team

Even though James Young of the Kentucky Wildcats ended up giving Montevallo two points, his incredible play has still gone viral. While attempting


Northwestern Basketball Player Surprise Scholarship

James Montgomery is a walk-on guard at Northwestern who started off as practice player with the women’s team as a freshman. After putting in


Rutgers Coach Mike Rice Caught On Camera Berating Players

ESPN has broken this story about Rutgers head basketball coach Mike Rice abusing and berating players. He was recently suspended for