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We've all seen those commercials for a slew of medications for any ailment you can think. Many of these ads feature


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It wasn't that long ago when people had to actually remember the dates of their friends' birthdays. But now, thanks to


Canadian Rap Diss Music Video

Of all the countries out there, Canada has one of the best reputations online. They're basically a nicer, more bashful version


Which Is Nerdier: Star Wars Or Star Trek

Before the new J.J. Abrams reboot of Star Trek it was considered much nerdier than Star Wars. But then he made


Why Full House’s Uncle Jesse Was Actually A Loser

Back in the 1990's, the first thing every kid did after they came home from school was turn on the TV and


Third Party Video Game Controllers Are The Worst

When the Nintendo 64 came out it was the first video game system to offer four player gaming out of


If Facebook Got Rid of Everything You Hate

Facebook is a funny place. It's the world's most popular social network, and we all use it on a daily


If People Left Parties Like They Leave Facebook

There are over one billion users on Facebook, the world's largest social network. Years ago, Facebook was the cool and


Why Every New Macbook Needs A Different Charger

Fans love Apple for the company's high tech gadgets and intuitive designs. But even Apple fans get annoyed when the world


Why The Gold Apple Watch Costs $10,000

The tech and financial world was a buzz when Apple announced more information concerning their new Apple Watch. Not iWatch,


What Going Back To The 90’s Would Actually Be Like

The Internet has a special obsession with the 1990's. Everything was just so much better back then, right? It was such


The Six Coworkers You’ll Have To Deal With At Work

Most people work out of necessity. Gotta pay those bills somehow. After a while, you'll realize that work is pretty