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Every Maid Of Honor Speech, Ever Is So True

The Maid of Honor speech at every wedding is always the same. It's like these women all channel the same


Southwest Flight Attendant Performs Hilarious Pre-Flight Speech

Frequent fliers hate the pre-flight speech before take-off. It may surprise you, but the flight attendants hate the speech even


Dave Chappelle Talks With David Letterman About Quitting His Comedy Show

It seems like yesterday, but it was nearly eight years ago when comedian Dave Chappelle quit his comedy show on Comedy


What Do Indian Headshakes Mean

Nodding your head is a universal signal for 'yes' while shaking your head is always understood as 'no.' But in


The Truth About Being Single

We all want the same simple thing. We want the love and care of another human being. And there's nothing to


International Relations Comedy Sketch

This comedy sketch by the Brigham Young Univesity Television has gone viral with over 100,000 hits. In International Relations, America chats with Canada while


Security Questions Comedy Sketch

Everyone has to deal with them. Those annoying security questions asked by most sites after confirming a password. If for


Adam Yenser Stand-Up On Conan

Stand up comic Adam Yenser performed a great bit on Conan last night. He covered hilarious topics, such as how to


Coming Out Sketch Is Not What It Seems

NSFW Language Coming out to one's parents can be one of the most difficult conversations in a person's life. Of


Man Cut In Half Prank

Comedian Andy Gross scared the pants off of several passersby by seemingly removing himself from his pants. Somehow, he created


Fluffy Visits Saudi Arabia

Like Dane Cook, stand up comedian Gabriel Iglesias is famous for getting his kick start into show business online before


How Animals Eat Their Food Part 2

Just this Wednesday, Mister Epic Mann published their original How Animals Eat Their Food Parody. Incredibly, the video has already amassed over 16 million