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Honest Trailers – Doctor Strange

Another trending video by Screen Junkies who deliver us this honest trailer for "Doctor Strange", resulting in over 1.6 million


Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Trailer

Jimmy Kimmel Live got to premiere the first full length movie trailer for the upcoming "Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.


If Logan/Wolverine Was Actually An Old Man

If you think that old movie Logan is still a lot better in shape than you - don't feel bad.


101 Facts About DC Comics

Another run of "you probably don't know this all!" by 101facts. "The Justice League. The Suicide Squad. The Legends of


Toon Sandwich’s Super-Hero-Bowl

Who will be the last one standing in this epic battle between over 100 characters, brought to life by ArtSpear


Forging Elektra’s Sais in Real Life

The guys from "Man At Arms" reforged the iconic weapons of Daredevil'S Elektra. AWE me already got over 500,000 views


Chris Evans Pranks Comic Fans With Surprise Escape Room

I really LOVE real life escape room games and do play them a lot with friends and family. So I


Everything Wrong With Suicide Squad

I would have found it funny, when Cinema Sins would have uploaded a "Everything Wrong In 123 Minutes Or Less"


Who Would Win: Wonder Woman Or Wolverine?

In this episode of "Super Power Beat Down" the people from batinthesun discuss (or let discuss) who would win a


Honest Trailer: Suicide Squad

Another round of this hard knock truth presented by the Screen Junkies. This "Honest Trailer" about the superantihero movie "Suicide


Realistic Garfield

The premise for Garfield is perfect for a comic strip. A pessimistic fat cat who loves lasagna and aggravates his


27 Facts About Newspaper Comic Strips

Soon, comic strips will no longer exist in their original newspaper form. They have now transformed and evolved into Web