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Keanu Reeves Watches His 1980s Coca-Cola Commercial

Whether he is helping people on the subway, bouncing the visual effects talent on the Matrix, crushing a marksman course,


Social experiment: We have more in common than that we are different

Of course, Heineken ends this video with a commercial for their nice green bottles of beer, but the premise is


If The People In Commercials Were Actually Real People, And Not Actors

There are no authentic people in commercials. Fact. But what if? This video shows you what would likely happen. You'd


The Hilarious Truth Behind Pharmaceutical Ads

The pharmaceutic industry isn't really the most trustworthy industry of all, and Zebra Corner takes them for a spin in this


If Children’s Cereal Commercials Were Honest

Another one of Cracked's "Honest Ads". This time cereals get their truth served cold as milk right from the fridge.


Two Old Men At The Shooting Range

I really like this ad - but won't tell you any more about it. See for yourself! "A man goes


Skittles’ ‘Romance’ Super Bowl 51 Commercial

Commercial season has begun! In smelling distance of the upcoming Super Bowl all those creative and unique ads are going


Funny Outtakes From A White Bear On Ice

White Bear Mitsubishi wanted to shoot a cool commercial in an ice hockey venue. Sadly their mascot didn't seem to


If Men Breastfed

I never would have thought to blog a commercial about breast pumps, or that something like that could be funny.


Victoria’s Secret Models Sing ‘Santa Baby’

Maybe this isn't the best sounding cover version of this song ever, but definitely one of the most beautiful looking


Heartwarming Ad About A Polish Man Learning English

Within a week this heartwarming story about a Polish man learning English went viral. "English For Beginners" got over 2.7


Hipster Santa Gets All The Fame…

SantaClara gives a shoutout to all the women out there, who make every christmas to something special in this really