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Truck Takes Out Community's Cable

Truck Takes Out Community’s Cable

[rumble][/rumble] On just another typical summer evening in a suburban neighborhood, we heard a loud bang and looked out the…

A Big LGBT Thank You To President Obama

The Ellen Show posted this video of lots of celebrities like Jim Parsons, Evan Rachel Wood and Neil Patrick Harris,…

Blow Out Sale Short Film

Thanks to Danny Pudi's Community stardom, his 2010 short film Blow Out Sale created along with Timothy Kendall and Chris Marrs has resurfaced…

Beetlejuice In Community TV Show

Community maybe going down the same path as Arrested Development. It's a new show with only a mediocre sized audience,…

Shirtless Men Of Community TV Show Drink Coffee

Joel McHale was asked by People to do a mundane task and make it sexy for their Sexiest Man Alive…

Community Abed In Background Delivers Baby

Through out the episode Abed is no where to be seen. But if you watch closely you can see he…



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