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Matt Stonie Destroys A 20,000 Calorie Superbowl Plattern

If you think you have overeaten yourself during the big game - think again. Or at least watch this "20,000


Magician Literally Starts Smoldering While Eating Hot Wings

Like so many other restaurants, Buffalo Wild Wings offers a super hot wing challenge. Eat all the burning hot, hot chicken


Competitive Eater Devours A Dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts In Just Seconds

Most of us can't resist a doughnut, especially a classic glazed Krispy Kreme. It's easy to eat two or even


Priyanka Chopra And Jimmy Fallon Have A Wing-Eating Contest

Not that long ago, the wing on a chicken was considered rubbish that was tossed or maybe used to make


Japanese Girl Eats 100 Pieces Of Bread In One Sitting

What's so shocking about most famous competitive eaters is that so many of them are fit, or even thin. Just take Yuka


Japanese Girl Eats Giant 6 Pound Bowl Of Ramen

Yuka Kinoshita looks like your average Japanese girl, but she has a hobby that you'd never expect. She is a competitive eater. For


Competitive Eater Devours Giant Burrito In Under 2 Minutes

Matt Stonie is one of the Web's most famous competitive eaters. In honor of his 500,000 YouTube fans, Matt decided to


Spaghetti Eating Contest Between Golden Retriever And German Shepherd Is Hilarious

Besides for Lady And The Tramp, dogs don't really eat spaghetti. Well, except for Bragd Birger's dogs. His Golden Retriever and his German


Competitive Eater Eats Entire Watermelon

The LA Beast is a crazy professional competitive eater and entertainer. For his latest gag, the Beast ate an entire


Competitive Eater Eats TWO 72 oz Steaks In Under Fifteen Minutes

When most people imagine a competitive eater, they think of a big, bulky bodybuilder. Molly Schuyler is basically the complete opposite


Competitive Eater Takes Down Four Chipotle Burritos In Just Three Minutes

Most people can't even finish one Chipotle packed burrito in one sitting, but Matt Stonie isn't most people. In this trending video,


Furious Pete Takes On Michael Phelps Diet Challenge Eating 12,000 Calorie Meal

Gold medal Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps just made headlines yet again after receiving his 18th gold medal. All that swimming