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An Epic Robbery Fails Breakdown

The most compilation you've been waiting for. Those wankers who are trying to steal some stuff but fail miserably? This…

The Fails Of October

Another hilarious fail compilation at your service. [embed][/embed]

The Coolest People Of The Month

It's okay to be a little proud for being human. [embed][/embed]

Your Weekly Dose Of Fails

Watch a few fails a day to keep the doctor away. [embed][/embed]

Fails Of The Week

Fail some more, please, it's the easiest way to make other laugh! [embed][/embed]

Name One Thing Funnier Than People Failing

That's right, it doesn't get funnier than this. [embed][/embed]

What Is Your Destination?

The people are in for some surprising destinations! [embed][/embed]

It Starts With A Splash

And it ends with a bang. Yeah, it's time for the fails of the week. [embed][/embed]

Fails In September

What a way to end a summer full of fails! [embed][/embed]

The Most Gruesome Fails Of The Week

Where there's humans, there a shortage of brain cells. [embed][/embed]

Some Of The Most Awesome Girls Alive

This video is dedicated to all the awesome girls out there! [embed][/embed]

Fails Of The Week

A new week, a new selection of the stupidest fails. [embed][/embed]


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