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The Best Meme Music Through The Decades

Boy, have we heard some classics! [embed][/embed]

News Is The New Comedy

Serious reporting is something from the past. [embed][/embed]

A Fail Compilation Never Fails To Amuse

Better stay in bed if you're this clumsy. [embed][/embed]

Fails Of The Week!

A new week, dozens of new fails. [embed][/embed]

Water Makes Fails Even Better

How come water makes these fails even funnier? [embed][/embed]

Best Fails Of 2017 (Yet)

They keep surprising every week, over and over again. [embed][/embed]

100 Ways To Flip Someone Off

Some ways to eloquently tell someone to f*ck themselves. [embed][/embed]

A Dance Move For Every Occasion

Friday night at the club? Check. Birthday party of your little nephew? Check. [embed][/embed]

Failing Better (Or Worse?) Than Ever Before

It's astonishing... The lack of intellect on some people. [embed][/embed]

Share Your Most Evil Laugh

A funny little compilation of evil laughs, full of inspiration! [embed][/embed]

2017 So Far Is A Disaster

We've seen our fair share of fails, but 2017 truly is something else! [embed][/embed]

Overly Dramatic People Are Living Click Bait

This compilation of overly dramatic people shows how much they love drama. Or is there something else going on? [embed][/embed]


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