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Spock Fascinating Compilation

Spock is fascinated. After hearing the word so many times, it starts to sound really weird. Interesting.

Law And Order British Spoof

This was actually aired on the BBC America channel. The classic Law and Order narrator goes through a montage of…

Dear Tara – Tribute To Passed On Girlfriend

Tara Nickle passed on 1/4/11, and hey boyfriend made a touching montage of their past vacation in Portugal. Watch and…

100 More Greatest Movie Insults

After the first 100 greatest movie insults of all time, people were hungry for more. So here are 100 more.…

Miley Cyrus Turns 18 Cheering Compilation

Pervy men in the world rejoice. Miley Cyrus is no longer jail bait. Happy 18th birthday Miley Cyrus. Somehow guys…

Scottish Grandma Swearing Compilation

Granny sounds awesome with her thick Scottish accent. Get outta my face for freaks sake!  

Arnold Schwarzenegger Screaming Movie Montage Compilation

An edit of every damn time Arnold Schwarzenegger screams his famous Arnold scream in every Arnold movie. Haha, after a…

Babies Tasting Lemons For The First Time Montage

What's cuter than a bunch of babies? A bunch of babies tasting lemons for the first time. They frown, they…

Video Game Acoustic Song Compilation By Freddie25

Freddie is a master at guitar, and makes a video game compilation song. He sings in the tune of theme…



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