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The Evolution Of Windows Startup Sounds

Remember the golden old days of our digital life? Computers were a novelty back then, and so were the sounds


Computer Combustion Tube Desctruction In Slowmotion

This time The Slow Mo Guys got a little help to make a huge mess. Their "iMac Annihilator" already got

Computer Hardware Orchestra Plays The Final Countdown

The Floppotron (put together out of scanners, hardware drives and disc readers) covers the big Europe hit. via: theawesomer


Super Marion Recreated In Microsoft Excel

Without a doubt, the most famous video game in the world is Super Mario Bros. for the original Nintendo Entertainment


What The Media Makes ‘Hacking The Internet’ Look Like

Anyone with even a little knowledge about computers and technology can't help but scoff at the way TV shows and movies often


Quantum Computers Explained

We're so used to it today, but a modern cheap smartphone is actually much more powerful than an expensive computer from


Rube Goldberg Machine Chain Reaction Enters Digital World

Evelien Lohbeck takes the concept of a chain reaction Rube Goldberg machine to the next level in this entertaining short film


Microsoft HoloLens Will Cover The World With Holograms

The world is more interconnected than ever. But Microsoft isn't satisfied. For a while now, the Windows company has seemed to have


Kids Reacting To Old Computers Is Hilarious

Today, a laptop or tablet weighs only a pound or two. A smartphone weighs even less. The screens are flat


Ballad Of A WiFi Hero Video Game Fairy Tale Story

Voice actor H. Jon Benjamin, famous from Archer and Bob's Burger, narrates this exclusive animated adaptation of the Internet classic In Which


Working LEGO Computer Keyboard

 has taken Lego to the next level. Using the internal sensor pad and circuit board from an old generic computer keyboard,


‘Tainted Love’ Performed By Floppy Drives

German YouTuber Gigawipf is a computer hardware super geek.  He published this catchy cover of the Soft Cell hit single Tainted Love performed by