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Virtual Pop Star Hatsune Miku Performs On Late Show With Dave Letterman

Most Americans don't really get it, but her fans don't seem to care. Virtual pop star Hatsune Miku is a 3D


Pearl Jam Performs ‘Let It Go’ During Concert

Even the rockers of Pearl Jam are big fans of Disney's hit feature film Frozen. While performing at a concert in Milan,


Weezer Drummer Catches Frisbee Without Missing A Beat

Rock band Weezer has been trending online ever since a short video clip from a concert last week hit the web. While playing


Brad Paisley Performs Guitar Solo With Fan’s GoPro

Music fan Mike Perlof had one of the greatest music experiences of his life at a recent rock concert. While watching Brad


When Will The Bass Drop Music Video

It's been a while, but popular comedy-music group The Lonely Island has finally returned with a brand new SNL Digital Short. As


Sign Language Rap Battle With Wiz Khalifa

Most concerts these days include a sign language interpreter on stage with the stars. But you can't just stand still


Kristen Bell Sings Do You Want To Build A Snowman Live In Three Voices Of Princess Anna

The Internet still isn't tired of the Disney's latest feature film Frozen.  This video of Kristen Bell singing the hit song Do


43 Cartoon Theme Song Mash Up Is Epic

At what point is a cartoon theme song 'real' music? When it's performed at Carnegie Hall. Young musicians of Ensemble ACJW collaborated with


Trombone Player Sneezes During Concert

This short and silly video has gone viral over the weekend with over 700,000 hits so far!  During a concert


Fans At SXSW Lie About Liking Fake Bands

Why can't people just be honest? For some reason, whenever there is a camera around people will BS about the


The Way This Singer Reacts To Crowd Singing Along With Her Will Make You Smile

The Consulate General of Switzerland in New York posted this video a year ago, but it is trending again now.


Japanese Pop Merged With Heavy Metal Is As Crazy As It Sounds

This new music video by Japanese pop group BABYMETAL has gone viral in the English speaking web, and has already garnered