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Conservative 6 Year Old Gives 10 Reasons NOT To Vote For Obama

The Patriot Update Report says that six year old Isaac Anthony is a true conservative. Though he is young, he knows the complex political


Son Comes Out To His Conservative Parents As A Democrat

Ryan Combe is trying to run for Congress as a Democrat where they make conservative people. Utah. He needs all the help


Conservatives Make ‘Most Interesting Man In The World’ Spoof Of Obama

The Internet is no stranger to The Most Interesting Man In The World commercials for Dos Equis beer. From there came the


Then And Now – Fox News Anti-Obama Political Video

As usual, the politically charged Fox And Friends program is being hailed as heroes on the Right, and as propagandists


The Road We’ve Traveled – Barack Obama Documentary

After just the trailer went viral, the official Barack Obama YouTube page has finally published their short documentary, The Road We've Traveled. It has


Game On – Song In Support Of Rick Santorum

For months, Mitt Romney was considered the shoe in Republican Presidential Nominee, but the tortoise Rick Santorum has surprisingly taken the lead. Conservative


Pat Robertson: Prayer Could Have Stopped Midwest Tornadoes

The Midwest is still recovering after a brutal a week of tornado devastation, and many believers have to ask themselves


Lou Dobbs Claims The Lorax Movie Is Indoctrinating Children

Two new children's films are set to debut this year, both based on famous books. The Lorax, based on the


John McCain Accidently Endorses Obama Instead Of Mitt Romney In South Carolina

It's kind of obvious that no matter who the Republican presidential nominee ends up being, the last person 2008 Republican


Herman Cain On Libya

Herman Cain gave an interview with Journal Sentinel, and more controversy has erupted around the Republican presidential nominee after he was asked


Rick Perry Fail At Republican Debate

At the most recent CNBC Republican debate, Rick Perry made a fool of himself when he declared there were three


Tea Partier Rep. Joe Walsh Screams At His Constituents

Tea Party Republican Rep. Joe Walsh in Gurnee, Illinois held a close up town hall at a restaurant, and went a little overboard.