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The Best Bite Of Pizza You’ll Ever Have

I am a huge pizza guy. I love 'em in all sizes and flavours, but generally, the bigger the better.


Those Leftover Pumpkins You Have?

Use them to make a wonderful pumpkin pie! Food usually doesn't get any better than this. But maybe that's just


Bacon And Chocolate Pizza, I Can’t Even…

Bacon and chocolate are both delicious. But together, on a pizza?! That's some disgusting food. [embed][/embed]


Life Sucks When You Cannot Boil An Egg

Because Gordon Ramsey will cut you in half for it. [embed][/embed]


Out of Control Owner Attacks His Own Chef

The kitchen can get heated, but this episode op Kitchen Nightmares is on another level. How the hell do they


Professional Chef Cooks Unconvential Meal Using Just A Wooden Table

Take away a professional chef's kitchen supplies and he's going to need some crazy ingenious skills to pull off a


You Can’t Even Hear The Word Tomato Anymore After This Video

How to make my own tomato sauce, you ask? This guy has got your back. But not without you having


Tortilla Pizza – You Suck at Cooking (episode 58)

Another tasty video (and this time also description) by You Suck at Cooking that already got over 300,000 views on


Gordon Ramsay Answers Cooking Questions From Twitter

WIRED brings the cook with the hottest temper together with the social media channel with the wittiest users. Gordon Ramsay


Little Girl’s Cute Cooking Confusion

I can totally relate to this little girl's problem with the terminology of the word "cup" when it comes to


You Suck At Cooking: Valentine’s Day Brownies

You Suck At Cooking shows us how to easily impress your better half (to be) with some sweetness.


You Suck At Cooking: Toasted Walnut Potato Salad

Episode 56 of You Suck At Cooking's hilarious POV-cooking. This time: a boring salad. Just so it is not really