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McDonald’s Executive Chef Shows How To Make Homemade Big Mac, Including The Special Sauce

McDonald's Canada just had a viral marketing video pleasing viewers and fans by being more open about their advertising practices.


How To Make The Most Perfect Bacon Ever

The Internet has a special obsession with bacon, so it's no surprise this how-to video by America's Test Kitchen is trending. They (claim to


Edible Balloon

With the help from science, chefs today can create amazing unique and delicious dishes that just a few years ago


How A Blind Person Cooks Dinner

When you're blind the simplest things in life become challenges, like just having dinner. Tommy Edison who is blind shows us


Baking Skyrim Souffle

The YouTube channel Feast Of Fiction is a new cooking show featuring recipes from the fantasy. Their first recipe comes from The Elder


How To Peel Garlic Fast

For a beginner chef, garlic can be a real pain. Just peeling the cloves can be difficult if you don't


Cook Uses MacBook Air To Cut Food

Who would have thought that the MacBook Air was so versatile, you can even cook with it. That's right, some Asian


Depressing Man Makes Chili For One

Henry's Kitchen is a show just for Henry. He forever alone. Today, he is going to make a chili for


Sarah Palin Cooking Show

Sarah Palin has been out of the spot light for a bit with all the debt talks and other news.


Cooking With Whiskey

cookingwithwhiskey is a cooking show where the host, whose name happens to be whiskey, cooks a dish with whiskey, while


Celebrity Chef Matt Moran Yells At TV Crew For Throwing Away His Food, Storms Off Set

Matt Moran is a famous Australian chef who is well known for his TV cooking shows. After a bit on set, a