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Hot Dog Keeps Cool

[rumble][/rumble] It was so hot, so this dog went into the refrigerator. More


Road To Machu Picchu In 4K

It's not a secret that Machu Picchu is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Going there must be


10 Strangest Discoveries Found On Earth

The Earth can be beautiful, dark, depressing or weird. One thing is for certain, new amazing discoveries about our Earth


Motorcycle Wobble Save At 130MPH

Driving a motorcycle is living on the edge by definition. Imagine how you feel when the thing starts wobbling from


Surprising Drone Flight Over Los Angeles

Watching your surroundings through an aerial view is cool and all, but be careful where you go. Drones aren't exactly


Exploding Fruit In 4K

Almost everything is beautiful in 4K, so exploding fruit is no difference. A bit of a waste perhaps, but at


Man Halts Charging Elephants

It takes a truckload of courage to halt an elephant, so I wouldn't even dream of trying. Luckily, this guy


Testing An Insane Giant Lighter

To ask is to answer--is bigger better? Well, yes, when you can build a giant lighter and it actually works...


Boomerang Trick Shots

The smoothest boomerang trick shot video you'll ever see. I've never wanted a boomerang in my life so badly! [embed][/embed]


Dog Making A Snowman

To be honest, it's not the most beautiful snowman you'll ever see, but it's the effort that count. It's still


People Are So Friggin’ Cool

We are capable of more than we think. YOU are capable of anything you set your mind to. Believe in


Genius Dad Builds Backyard Luge Course

It's freezing cold outside, so all the kids are in the house. Gone is the quiet and the peace. So