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Samsung Galaxy Tab Official Commercial

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is the perfect size in between an iPhone and an iPad. It has all the same


Kevin Butler PlayStation Move Commercial

Xbox and PlayStation are about 4 years late entering the motion control video game segment. They are both adding hardware


Rally Race Car Jumps Another Car On Dirt Road Race

These rally race cars are jumping on huge dirt bumps and getting serious air. It reminds me exactly of Mario Kart 64.


NEW Mortal Kombat Shadows Trailer

This new Mortal Kombat Shadows games looks as gory, bloody, and violent as it gets. And it looks great. The


Cobra VS Mongoose

The cobra can grow up to 7 feet in length and has poison that can kill a human. The mongoose


Double Rainbow Microsoft Windows Live Photo Gallery Commercial

Trying to stay hip and catch the younger market segment, Microsoft hires Yosemite Bear, the 'double rainbow guy'. I'm sure


REAL Power Laces Shoes 2.0 Inspired By Back To The Future: 2

We've all seen the movie, and we all thought those Nike's Marty puts on in 2015 are awesome. Well power


Amazing Rocket Jump In War Scene

In a battle scene the enemy has the higher ground with a machine gun. Our hero thinks in 8-bits how


Cat Playing Duck Hunt

This is an older video, but just EXPLODED online. CollegeHumor, Ellen Degeneres, and others are featuring this now viral video


Jeremy Vanschoonhoven Performs Stunt Biking Acrobatics – America’s Got Talent 2010 Semi-Finals 8/31/10

Jeremy Vanschoonhoven rides his bike like he's walking. I couldn't even climb that rock obstacle course, and Jeremy climbs it


Star Wars: Return of the Jedi – NEW Luke Building His Lightsaber Missing Scene

Here we see a short missing scene from Return Of The Jedi. Darth Vader calls to Luke telepathically, and we


Space Saving House Technology

Just by using your finger tips, you can transform your house or apartment into a seemingly huge palace. With hydraulics