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Mobility Scooter In The Snow

The older you get, the more fun you'll have. Don't believe me? Well, look at this guy. Sure, he's not


Skydiving In A Car

Skydiving is by definition only for the brave. But what happens when you add a car into the mix? Would


Bear And Man Spook Each Other

Pretty cool thumbnail right? You'll never guess what happens next!! Or maybe you will, as I already put that in


42,000 Match Sphere Gets Lit

This video is pretty long. That's mostly because it's quite fascinating. What happens when you put together a big ball


Whale Spray Shower Time

Whale-watching is for most a very unique and special adventure. Some of them go home disappointed, as you're not guaranteed


The Evolution Of Windows Startup Sounds

Remember the golden old days of our digital life? Computers were a novelty back then, and so were the sounds


The Frozen Ocean

Water only freezes when it's still, they say. Well, look again, because this bloody ocean consists of ice as far


Riding Bikes Through Giant Snow Tunnel

When there's snow, you better have fun. How about this one, where they built a gigantic snow tunnel, to ride


Parrot Kisses You Goodnight

Are you tired of reading bedtime stories to your kids? Do you want to just relax in the evening while


Minivan Snowplow Now Has Wings

While I don't want to say everyone needs to have a minivan, as it is super handy, I think everyone


Real Life Trick Shots

Trick shots belong on the basketball court or in a videogame, not on the parking lot or in the kitchen,


Hollywood Stunt Falls in Slow Motion

When you're watching a movie, you usually don't see the blood, sweat and tears that go into every stunt. You