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This Is Lotte

She grew up alright. [embed][/embed]

The Coolest People Of The Month

It's okay to be a little proud for being human. [embed][/embed]

We’re All Invited Inside Iron Man’s Home

Ever wondered how much of a man cave Robert Downey Jr. inhabits? This is your chance to find out! [embed][/embed]

The Human Face Puppet

Pretty cool project by this funny dude! [embed][/embed]

Some Of The Most Awesome Girls Alive

This video is dedicated to all the awesome girls out there! [embed][/embed]

A Jackie Chan Mashup

It's Jackie Chan jumping over fences and stuff! [embed][/embed]

Michigan Beer Chair

I want one, where do I sign up? [embed][/embed]

This Baby Isn’t Supposed To Talk Yet!

If only he could smile a little as well! [embed][/embed]

Parrot Doing Cup Flip

Who knew parrots had these crazy skills? [embed][/embed]

Sick Tomato Sorting Skills

Sorting tomatoes has never been easier with this little bugger of a machine.

Two Lynx Near Kokadjo Maine

This is what happens when you run into two lynx on a random road. [embed][/embed]

The Eclipse In 23 Seconds

Want to see the eclipse but don't have time? We got you. [embed][/embed]



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