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I Just Like To Read

Look at me being intellectual and all.

Microsoft Paint Is Essential Software For Every Artist

And this is why - how cool is this!? [embed][/embed]

This Eclipse Coverage Was Amazing!

You don't see this level enthusiasm everyday... [embed][/embed]

Those Long Legs

They are so convenient!

Inside A $3000 Japanese Hotel Room

Such style and class, and only for 3000 pop! [embed][/embed]

It’s Got The Flying Doors!!

No, not the car...

Life Isn’t Always Easy, Don’t Expect Too Much

Life is definitely not what you expect of it. [embed][/embed]

Why Time Travel Wouldn’t Work For Everyone

Time travel is definitely something I see myself doing anytime soon, but it's not for everyone... [embed][/embed]

Blitzball Trick Shots

These trick shots are insane! [embed][/embed]

Sup Bro

When your cat is the coolest bro in your house.

Toad: Domino Style

If you like Toad, you'll love this! [embed][/embed]

Primitive Technology: Sandals

Human were barefoot mostly, but if they only knew this... [embed][/embed]



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