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They Finally Opened A Long Forgotten Safe

Treasures from the past are a wonderful thing! [embed][/embed]

Best Dance-Off Ever

Dad is killing it! [embed][/embed]

Hiking With Bears

They made their hike just that little cooler. [embed][/embed]

The Incredible Story Behind Rick And Morty’s Music

The Rick and Morty score is spot on, but do you know the guy who's behind it all? [embed][/embed]

Cutting Like A Boss

Who needs knives?

Water Hose Rodeo

Rodeo riding 2.0 - for the best thrills! [embed][/embed]

A Dance Move For Every Occasion

Friday night at the club? Check. Birthday party of your little nephew? Check. [embed][/embed]

Every Thing You Know Is Now Made Of LEGO

This stop-motion video of daily breakfast in LEGO is straight up awesome! [embed][/embed]

Biggest Emoji Fan Goes To The Emoji Movie Premiere

If you think emoji are cool, you can't miss the very first screening of The Emoji Movie. [embed][/embed]

The Easiest Magic Tricks Even You Can Do

The time has come for everyone to unleash their inner magician, it doesn't get easier than this! [embed][/embed]

The Super Soaker That Gives You A Hernia

While it's definitely fun to use, you might want to watch your (lower) back! [embed][/embed]

The Poor People’s Rollercoaster

No money for the theme park? Fear not, this guy can help you out. [embed][/embed]


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