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How To Backflip Like A Beginner Boss

Backflipping like a boss in under six hours? Here's how! [embed][/embed]

Celebrities’ Tattoos Can Suck Horribly As Well

It might not be very chique to criticize your competitors, but the gloves come off when something is either very…

This Salamander Is Just As Cool As It Is Freaky

Salamanders are usually tiny innocent creatures, but this fine example is so insanely big and cool... We have to find…

The Greatest Wish

This guy's greatest wish turns into an interesting peek in how television actually works. Cool stuff! [embed][/embed]

You’re Never Too Old To Gym

Okay, that's not true for everyone, but this 91-year-old has some cool tricks up her sleeve. [embed][/embed]

You’ll Never Guess What Happens After Polishing This Rusty Knife

A little rust can cover up a lot of hidden treasures... Look how this dude goes on a treasure hunt,…

Street Surfing

You own a donkey and you've got nothing going on... Then why not right?

A Very Cool Dog With A Very Cool Boss

So happy with his new dog, but what makes him even more delighted is how cool the dog really is...…

Crushed By A Giant Water Balloon

Getting crushed by a giant water balloon makes for an awesome video regardless, but of course the Slo Mo Guys…

Sandwich Bag Fire Starter

Want to see an unusual way to start a fire? No, it's not one of those boring tricks you've seen…

10 Movie Mistakes That Even Digital Effects Couldn’t Save

CGI and special effects is cool and all, but you still have to put in some effort to get the…

Insane Real Life Trickshots

The guys from Dude Perfect are insanely popular on YouTube, and this video immediately shows why. They perform some very…


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