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Sheriffs Dance To ‘Watch Me Whip-Nae Nae’ In Elevator

Is this viral video most likely staged? Sure. But who cares? It's always nice to see online videos of police that


Wizard Cops

Today, reality TV shows pepper nearly every channel. But back in the day, there was only one true reality TV


Jedi Cops

After Luke saves the day, and the Empire is finally defeated, what can an average Jedi do to put food


Drinking From Bottles In Brown Paper Bags In Front Of Cops Prank

Everyone knows what drinking out of a bottle in brown paper bag in public symbolizes. Including online prankster Roman Atwood.  That's


COPS: Skyrim Edition

The Nerdist channel has just unveiled their latest video game themed series. They spoof the classic COPS style format we're all familiar with,


Russian Speeder Pretends To Only Speak English To Ukrainian Police When Pulled Over FAIL

This Russian driver was speeding in Ukraine and was pulled over by police. While waiting for the officer, the passenger


Pranking Cops By Fake Peeing In Public

YouTube pranksters RomanAtwood came up with a genius prank to play on the police that (hopefully) won't get you in jail. While


Policeman Mistakes House Next Door To House On Fire, Breaks Into Wrong Home

I almost can't believe this is real. Would Cops really shows this on TV? An overzealous police officer breaks all


Red Neck Woman Excited To Be On TV When Police Record Arresting Her Sister, Screams County Law

The police arrest a woman at her house, probably on a warrant. Once her sister realizes that the scene is