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Amazing Cosplay Costumes At London Super Comic Con 2014

Sneaky Zebra doesn't miss a comic convention. The first Comic Con of 2014 took place at the awesome London Super Comic Con.


Best Cosplayers Of Winter London Film & Comic Con Music Video

The was held last week in Olympia, and Sneaky Zebra made sure to be there to capture all the action.  The


Iron Man Balloon Costume

In honor of Iron Man 3,  drafted balloon master Jeff Wright to honor the metallic superhero. Using less than 400 independent balloons,


Ultimate San Diego Comic Con 2013 Cosplay Music Video

Sadly, the San Diego Comic Con has ended. But that's OK as countless YouTubers were there to document the fun. Thanks


Peter Griffin In Real Life At Comic Con

You know you have a viral video on your hands when it is trending despite being taken in vertical format.


Incredibly Realistic Warhammer 40k Space Marine Cosplay

Warhammer 40,000 is the popular tabletop war game from the 80's that continues to accrue fans. Now, Swedish fan Pilerud has brought


Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Guy Cosplay Costume

You know those inflatable arm flailing tube man things that used car lots love to set around their stores to attract


Eurogamer Cosplay Music Video

Sneaky Zebra hit up this year's Eurogamer Expo to check out all the newest video games. But people go to these expos


Real Working Iron Man Cosplay Suit

As the Internet continues to grow, so does cosplaying, an art form when fans dress up as famous fictional character, usually from


WonderCon 2011

 People dressed up as all their favorite action heroes, fantasy stars, and sci fi soldiers at this years Wonder Convention


Enrique Iglesias Tonight Nerd Spoof

Instead of Tonight I'm F***ing you, Tonight I'm Frakking You. Two geeks at a serious cosplay party notice each other