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T. Rex on American Ninja Warrior

As a genius marketing tool to spread their show's presence online more, American Ninja Warrior had a very special athlete try out


Aladdin Skateboarding On Magic Carpet In Tel Aviv

In case you didn't know, tonight starts the Jewish holiday of Purim. It's not really like Halloween, but people often


Guy Perfectly Pranks Coworker With Bear Costume

Though rare, encounters with bears are very possible in America. Especially when you work outdoors near the woods. That gave this


Man In Crab Costume Dances To Billie Jean

What kind of dancing is appropriate for a seafood party? That's a tough one. But this seafood boil in LA has the perfect


Dad Builds Epic Mech Warrior Baby Carrier For Halloween

It's always fun to see what new parents do for Halloween now that they have a baby to incorporate into their


Little Girl Godzilla Adorably Destroys Toy Tokyo

Every parent of course loves their children, but when the little ones throw a terrible temper tantrum they can really


Aladdin Magic Carpet Costume

With the help of modern technology, Halloween costumes are cooler than ever. Prank vs Prank celebrated Halloween this year by dressing up as


Girl Builds Epic Wings Costume That Open And Close

Happy Halloween! It seems each year, Halloween costumes get better and better. Etsy shop The Crooked Feather specializes in stunning, homemade wings


Girl’s Cinderella Costume Transformation Is Genius

It wasn't that long ago that extreme fans who dressed up as their favorite fictional characters were considered, well, weirdos. But


100 Years Of Halloween Costumes

Every Halloween, the Internet bemoans and pokes fun at the sad reality that is most costumes for girls. Nearly every


San Diego Comic Con Cosplay Music Video 2015

Every year, the world's most popular comic-con in San Diego seems to only get bigger and bigger. The die-hard fans


Gorilla In Public Bathroom Prank

Public bathrooms are the one place that we all want to just get in and get out without being messed with.