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Mean Tweets – Country Music Edition #2

Just like 364 (soo close!) days ago, Jimmy Kimmel again did invite some famous country musicians to read their non-favourite


Jimmy Fallon And Keith Urban Sing Stories From

The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon likes to act like he's hip and cool and with it. But sometimes he demonstrates his


Country Music Stars Read Mean Tweets

Most people think that pop music is the most popular music. But country music has millions and millions of fans.


Pop Country Mash Up Proves They’re All The Same

There's a trend that's been going on in the pop music industry for quite some time, but these days it


Country Star Billy Gilman Comes Out In YouTube Video

American country music star Billy Gilman is trending online after the fact that he's gay hit the Web. Billy was


Bluegrass Country Hoedown Cover Of Anaconda By Nicki Minaj

Country music may be the last style of music that comes to mind when one thinks of rap pop star Nicki


Black Widow By Iggy Azalea Bluegrass Cover

Rap star Iggy Azalea has a new single out, Black Widow. Cover artists The Gregory Brothers were quick, and have already debuted a unique


Bluegrass Country Cover Of Thunderstruck

Finnish country music band Steve Seagulls has gone viral with their latest rock music cover. The band put a bluegrass twist on


Ten Year Old Country Boy Performs ‘Blue Moon Of Kentucky’

Carson Peters is only ten years old, but he's been playing the fiddle since he was only four. Now, he's


Girl Rebukes Modern Country Music With Original Song ‘There’s No Country Here’

As the web has seen, country music has turned into a pop music shadow of itself.   Fifteen year old Melody


Country Pop Music Of 2013 Was All The Same

While making a list of the 10 Best Country Albums of 2013 list, Grady Smith noticed something sinister about most of the more


The Turkey Song By Dickie Stickhead

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and that means the Internet is about to be showered with Turkey Day-themed videos.