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Crazy But Real Law Case Got Animated With Rick & Morty

For fun Justin Roiland from has read a real court transcript a few weeks ago in the voices of "Rick


Recreating Court Case With Rick And Morty

A new cartoon for adults is booming in popularity. We're talking about Rick and Morty of course. To hold people over


Awesome Judge Rebukes Jail Staff After They Refused To Give Inmate Pants

A Louisville judge is 'winning' the Internet this weekend after this court room video has gone viral. A woman was


Judge Recognizes Burglary Suspect As Middle School Friend

It is pretty common for people who were friends in grade school to drift apart and to never see each other again.


Girl Flips Off Judge, Gets Month In County Jail

When in front a judge, for no matter the reason, always conduct yourself in the most respectable manner. This person


Worst Mother Ever On Judge Judy Sues Mom Of Teen Who Died Driving Her Car

Judge Judy is the original TV show judge, and not surprisingly is one of the most popular television personalities out


Computer Programmer: Computers Rig US Elections

This video is causing quite a stir. Computer programmer, Eugene, admits under oath that he was asked by Congresspersons to create


First Person Shooter Trial

First person shoot em up games are all fun and jokes, until you are taken to court for your actions.