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White Baby Cow Takes Shelter from Heat in Car

Baby Cow Takes Shelter from Heat We have a very cute video to share today. In this video we get


Dwarf Goat Uses Cow as Personal Playground

Dwarf Goat Plays On Top of Cow Check this video out of a small cute goat using a big Scottish


Hey You Have A Really Nice Skin

Wanna hump?


As If These Cows Have Never Seen A Beaver Before

This courageous little beaver is not afraid of a huge cattle of cows and leads them the way...sort of.


Who Knew Cows LOVE Jazz?

Cows are smart and sensible animals, we know that. But what if I told you they go through the roof



I don't even know... how to... write-pronounce this. Just watch (and listen) to the real Cow-Boy! "Beautiful." If you want


Guy And His Friends Can’t Stop Laughing After Accidentally Buying Cow At Cattle Auction

All auctions are fast passed to keep the momentum going. But cattle auctions are especially quick. It almost appears to be


Cows Play With Giant Ball

There's not much to do at the farm for a farm animal except eat, sleep, and lie around. This farmer


Dog And Cow Are Best Friends

Many dogs will instinctually chase and herd large farm animals, such as cows. But this golden retriever absolutely loves this


Cow Literally Dances For Joy And Shows Man Gratitude After Being Freed From Tiny Stable

Countless cows are held in inhumane conditions in the beef industry. They can barely move and are kept in a


Cows Are Super Happy After Meeting New Friends

Animal sanctuary farm Animal Place recently received two new cows, named Panda and Jazzy, to join their big herd. Most people don't


Girls Summon Cows By Singing

Who knew cows were such musical creatures? Kitty, Lisa and Yarnz were visiting the farm when they were inspired to sing. They