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Surprise Photo Finish for Photographer

Surprise Photo for Photographer Today we have a pretty crazy video for everyone. In this video we get to see


Train Splits an 18 Wheeler in Half

If you think you are having a bad day, at least you (most likely) aren't this truck driver. He somehow


Deranged Man Steals and Crashes Plane

A disgruntled and deranged 29 year old airline employee stole a large passenger jet in Seattle, Washington. He was escorted


High-Speed Police Chase Ends In Insane Fashion

Doug Warner KSLA uploaded this video showing us a Hollywood-like ending of a police pursuit, gathering over 18 million views


Pulling Crashed Car Out Of The Ditch Goes Wrong

Oh noes! This poor little BMW E36 got from the road and if that wasn't enough, the whole rescue did


This Is Why You Shouldn’t Tailgate A Cloud Of Smoke

Dmitry Panshin uploaded this video of a dashcam recording a little winter drive behind a cloud of snowy dust. 200,000


Two Old Ladies Crash While Searching For The Candle Supply

The good thing: These two ladies driving over a street where there is none seem to be alright. The bad


In Russia, Self-Driving Car Ejects You (And Then Parks Perfectly)

A few annotations for this video: - Get well soon. - But #1: The person landing on the street didn't


Idiot Driver Has Luck As Ambulance Is There When He Crashes

No, I do not even wish idiot drivers like this example to crash, but somehow he at least doesn't have


How To Survive A Plane Crash

Yes, there are a lot of "How To" videos out there to which you can't really relate because you normally


Street Lamp Saves Woman’s Life

Portal Fakty Kaliskie posted this video of various camera directions showing us the crash of two cars at a Polish


Angry Hippo Attacks And Hits Car

26 year old Welding Inspector Wikus Ceronie had a unique meet with a hippo - and got a little souvenir