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Jack Knife 18 Wheeler Hits Police Car

A police car responding to an accident is hit by a jackknife 18 wheel semi truck. The action happens at…

Russian Plane Crash Landing In Woods

A large plane was having electrical problems and had to divert to another airport to land. It didn't make it…

FAKE Viral Video Of Girl Scared, Runs And Is Hit By Car

A group of friends try to scare their friend Rachel. When she turns around one friend in a mask says…

Fake Crash Proof Bike German Newscast

Yes, it's obviously fake. It's still funny and ironic.

Kurt Busch and Elliot Sadler Huge Crash At Same Time At Nascar Sprint Cup 2010 Pocono

At the Nascar, the whole suspension and engine are shot out of the car of Elliot Sadler. Elliot is in…


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