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Bike Rigged with Fireworks to Celebrate New Year

Bike Rigged with Fireworks to Celebrate New Year Well we got a cool strange video for the world today. This…

Man Falls Into Lion Enclosure

A man presumable drunk, high or mentally incapacitated enters the lion's enclosure at a zoo somewhere in India. This video…

Motorcycle Wobble Save At 130MPH

Driving a motorcycle is living on the edge by definition. Imagine how you feel when the thing starts wobbling from…

What Life In An Isolation Room Looks Like

Ever been by yourself for one hour? Probably. No big deal. But what if everything that you could set your…

The New York Subway Is Crazy

Firsthand stories on the crazy things that happen in the New York subway. [embed][/embed]

Parrot Doing Cup Flip

Who knew parrots had these crazy skills? [embed][/embed]

Inside A $3000 Japanese Hotel Room

Such style and class, and only for 3000 pop! [embed][/embed]

Share Your Most Evil Laugh

A funny little compilation of evil laughs, full of inspiration! [embed][/embed]

This Salamander Is Just As Cool As It Is Freaky

Salamanders are usually tiny innocent creatures, but this fine example is so insanely big and cool... We have to find…

Plizzanet Earth with Snoop Dogg

You know you've already wanted this. Watch magnificent Planet Earth footage with a Snoop Dogg voice over. Crazy! [embed][/embed]

May 2017 Was One Of The Craziest Months Ever

You don't even realize all the crazy stuff that happened, until you look back on it. What a month! [embed][/embed]

Fried Dollar – Merica


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