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George Bush eating a cat – Your argument is invalid

The American Taxpayer

Feel My Leg, I Just Shaved


Give Us The Precious

2013, Such Year, Much Person

Fried Dollar

These Guys Scream Like Little Girls When They Turn Into A Giant Balloon

The enthusiasm of these guys is hilarious. They can barely contain themselves when they start experimenting with a giant balloon.…

Bumper Cars Are Great Fun, But Are They Fast? (Yes.)

When bumping other bumper cars doesn't do the trick for you anymore, you just take your bumper car onto the…

These Weird Cartoons Are Truly Next Level

We were not yet familiar with this cartoonist, who clearly has a crazy creative mind. The video consists out of…

This Thread Is Awesome

Eat 50 Donuts As Fast As You Can — Are You Up For It?

We can't hear the words 'chocolate'  or 'glazed' anymore. In fact, it makes us a little nauseous. This guy goes…


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