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Chinese Worker Packaging Playing Cards Incredibly Fast

This Chinese guy has hands like lightening. I couldn't imagine doing this for a living. Next time you start playing


Eccentric Woman Getting Coffee At Gas Station Retells Story Of Robbery – Backin’ Up Because My Daddy Taught Me Good

Two people robbed a gas station when an eccentric woman was getting coffee. She retells her story to the news.


Dodge Commercial ERASES Monkey!

Here is the original Dodge commercial with a cute monkey pushing a pump to spray some confetti in honor of


Storm Front Causes Panic At Beach In Hietaniemi, Finland

You can just hear the Dum Dum Dum of the dramatic bass. Whatever the genre, this all too real scene


Cow Drinks Her Own Milk

Now that's what I call recycling. Or is it renewable energy? Or self sufficient? I duno. It's weird and it's


Amazing River Flood In Pakistan Berhain

Incredible amateur footage of the flood of a river in Berhain.


Man Wakes Up Gun Pointed At His Chest, Asks ‘What’s Up Randy?’

A Hixson man gives his testimony after he was robbed. I honestly have no idea what he is saying. All


Pete Stark Controversial Statement: Federal Government Can Do Anything

A woman asks how can federal government tell the people what to do in their private lives regarding health care.


Kurt Busch and Elliot Sadler Huge Crash At Same Time At Nascar Sprint Cup 2010 Pocono

At the Nascar, the whole suspension and engine are shot out of the car of Elliot Sadler. Elliot is in


Sarah Palin On Ending The Bush Tax, MORE NOTES WRITTEN ON HER HAND

Palin pushes the old right wing line that wealth trickles down from the rich to the poor. It doesn't seem


Race Car Eats Man

Wrong pedal! While preping for  a race, the technician is lifting the frame, when the driver hits the gas. The