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This Guy Is A Straight Up First World Anarchist

Are you one to enjoy cutting your tomatoes in straight and even pieces? To give everyone their fair share of


Avalanche By Train – Slow Motion Snowpiercer Style

Wow, you don't need to go skiing to run the risk of being covered in snow. A guy filmed a


How To Get Jason Segel’s Attention With Just A Piece Of Paper

Okay, so this one is seriously WTF. Dog Shirt is craving both Jason Segel's attention and paper. Combine both and you


Man Runs From Station To Station!

"Race the Tube!" : Man runs from station to station to catch the same train! James ran from from London's


Stephen Colbert Tells Obama He Misses Him Via Microwave

You would things couldn't get more ridiculous. Kellyanne Conway thinks otherwise, as she claimed that former President Obama has spied


If My Body Could Talk

On the one hand this video is as weird as it gets, but it also puts a quirky little smile


Helicopter Pilot Asks Trucker For Directions

So this happened. Zello Kaz got over 1.4 million views for this crazy traffic intervention. via: blameitonthevoices


Insane Homemade Water Slip And Slide Circle

Storyful uploaded this crazy invention of an automatic slip and slide that throws the rider around and around and around


Listen To The Crazy Sound Of This Drone!

quadmovr does not only impress us with crazy steering of his little and totally weird sounding drone, but also with


Is Luigi The Richest Man In The Mushroom Kingdom?

The Game Theorists came up with a pretty crazy but somewhat interesting and working theory. Is Super Mario's sidekick and


Will It Tea? With Jimmy Fallon, Rhett & Link

This kind of silly video from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon featuring tea experiments with dipping all sorts of


Is This The Internet?

Uhm, o-kay... This video by Poppy, from Youtube, The Internet, got viral with a quarter million views within two days.