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Make Your Own Cool Origami Yoda

The power you have Yoda to build! At least with this creative tutorial by Origami Plus. "No Force Required. :-)


Bodypainting Illusion Timelapse: X-Ray Ring Scanner

Another epic body painting by Mirjana Kika Milosevic who does transform herself into an x-ray-sight. via: likecool


Epic Star Wars C-3PO Body Paint Time Lapse

Nice body paint by KayPikeFashion who changed herself from a pretty lady to an even prettier humanoid. Well done! "You


Hit Songs Of 2016 Played On Household Items

Just like in 2014 and 2015, YouTuber Andrew Huang performes the top hits of the year with household items. This


Build Your Own Working LEGO Piranha Plant

JK Brickworks has built this cool piranha plant out of LEGO stones. The video of him explaining, how he did


Concrete Mixer Made Into A Huge Disco Ball

This is so cool! French artist Benedetto Bufalino made a disco ball out of a concrete mixer. This should be


How To Make Maple Leaf Roses

Okay, this is an easy one, but looks pretty eat. Rob from "Man vs. Pin" by ThreadBanger shows us how


Stop Motion Excel Music Video

Mystery Guitar ManĀ is arguably one of the most popular musicians on YouTube today. For his latest project, he spent nearly


Musical Piece Created Entirely From Credit Cards Bank Commercial

The AudioBakery was enlisted by an Austrian Bank to create a unique, creative advert. In result, the musical group made