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Master Pickpocket Apollo Robbins Demonstrates Tricks Of The Trade

This video by The New Yorker was posted in February, but has recently experienced an uptick in viewership.  In the clip,


SUV Thief Goes On Car Crash Hit-And-Run Rampage After Rear Ending Cab In Chicago

Apparently this criminal learned all he knows from Grand Theft Auto. After rear ending a cab on Belmont Avenue in Chicago,


Scout Leaders Topple Ancient Rock Formation

Three Boy Scout leaders have found themselves in hot water after destroying a 200 million year old rock formation in


Bumbling Burglary Suspect Caught On Gas Station Security Camera

Redding News published this CCTV video clip nearly a week ago, and already it has garnered over 3 million views. The


Hidden Camera Shows How Thief Steals Cell Phone On Subway

Public transportation around the world often warns people from using their cellphones openly, as they are magnets for thieves. This


Mass Flash Mob Robbery At Jacksonville, Florida Walmart

Social media based flash mobs have become more and more prevalent as technology progresses, but there is a trend of


New Zealand Couple Force Vandals To Dance While Waiting For Police

Two criminal teenagers in New Zealand are captured by their victims. They force them to dance while they wait for